Women's Refuge Whanganui


Saturday 3rd August 2019


A prestigious black tie event in support of

Women’s Refuge Whanganui


Whanganui War Memorial Centre

The Great Ball 2019


The Cause


Women’s Refuge is a necessary and life saving service to many.


Women’s Refuge Whanganui desperately needs its own offices due to increasing client numbers and increasingly complex client needs.


On top of that, government funding is simply not keeping up with the growing demand for these services. One example is that Women’s Refuge Whanganui is funded for 49 police incident reports per year, yet we dealt with 47 over a five-day period earlier this month, and around 1,500 in a year.


Will you help us help women and children in Whanganui build lives that flourish and are free from violence?


You can find out more about Women's Refuge here.





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The Great Ball 2019
The Great Ball 2019